About Us

The District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space is an innovation accelerator founded by Arlene Dickinson’s District Ventures and IBM Canada in March of 2017. The Innovation Space is designed to bring big enterprise and entrepreneurs together to solve Canada’s biggest business challenges.

Located in Calgary, this unique environment helps companies innovate and accelerate ideas more rapidly, and move their business plans to scale.

Our goal is to foster an environment of entrepreneurship in Canada. We support Canadian entrepreneurs by giving them the tools they need to succeed in the form of leading edge and disruptive technology and a supportive and stimulating environment. We connect entrepreneurs to large enterprises with innovation project opportunities or challenges that need to be solved.

“This partnership is a perfect example of what happens when big business and entrepreneurs join forces to do something amazing. Together with IBM, District Ventures is creating a unique accelerator model that matches large enterprises with tenacious innovators who, by using the latest in disruptive technology, can bring real-world solutions to businesses of any size”
— Arlene Dickinson, CEO District Ventures
“The District Ventures and IBM Innovation Space will be providing an ecosystem that enables unprecedented agility, value growth, and the capacity to create competitive advantage in the marketplace. This is demand-based innovation at its strongest, leveraging the success of Canadian business and some of the most powerful technologies in the world.”
— Dino Trevisani, former President IBM Canada