Cohort II 


Silo-spanning multi-stakeholder communications for safety and continuity.

XCO Tech 

World-leading motion tracking technology. 


Virtual Gurus

Trained and experienced virtual assistants for any sized business.     

Next Step Vrtual

Engineering and technical visualization by virtual reality. 


Indoor positioning that leads shoppers to be within 10cm of their desired product.

Healthy Pets

Connecting pet parents to local veterinarians on demand through video chats. 


Cohort I 

Six Safety Systems

Mitigate risks in the workplace associated with drugs, alcohol and fatigue.  

INGU Solutions

Self-serve in-line inspection for oil and gas using mobile sensors. 


Revolutionizing water treatment to provide exceptional quality, reliability at a low cost.  

Integrated Life Solutions

Monitor clients people, properties, fixed and mobile assets to reduce risk. 

Surge Mobile technologies

Mobile technology to increase customer engagement and purchasing decisions.

Phoenix amc

Fit-for-purpose technology solutions to optimize return on assests and reduce enviromental impact.  


Simulation software focusing on transforming the way oil and gas learns. 

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Go Pal Services

Emergency Response Plan mobile application system.